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Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning a carpet

This is during a carpet cleaning, the lighter side has been cleaned, our tech is getting ready to clean the darker side. It was amazing how different the carpet looked after we started the cleaning. 

Standing water in basement after storm

Storm water in basement

After a storm came through, this basement was flooded with water, leaving the contents wet and susceptible to mold. SERVPRO was quickly on the job, removing the water and getting the contents back to their original state. 

Standing water in basement

Standing water

Following a summer storm, this basement had large amounts of standing water. This can be especially dangerous if there are cords in the water. The SERVPRO team is trained to handle situations like this and make it "Like it never even happened." 

Smoke webs after a fire.

Smoke webs!

A common occurrence following a fire is what we call "smoke webs." These unsightly streaks leave a reminder of the fire and need to be cleaned up. With SERVPRO on the job, it will soon be "Like it never even happened." 

Cleaning walls after a fire

Cleaning walls after a fire

Cleaning walls after a fire is one of many steps during a SERVPRO fire cleanup. Here, we are using the sponge to clean soot off the walls after hepa vacuuming the walls.

Serving Area Small Businesses

When FocalPoint Business Coaching and WholeHeart Communications moved into a new shared office space, they had no idea where key aspects of the office were located. With a total of six employees coming in and out of the workspace on a regular basis, it was hard to keep track of important things like the water shutoff valve. Loretta and Diana of SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties stopped by to do a comprehensive Emergency Readiness Profile. This profile detailed all the vital information that would be needed in the event of an emergency. Loretta delivered the folder to the office in a bright green folder that would be easy to find. 


We take pride in the work we do at SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties. We love helping our community and working together to make it a better place. We're here to serve you!

Ready to Respond

Following damaging storms, SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties is on the way to make it "Like it never even happened." Our team is packed and ready to go with water extraction equipment to get our clients' property back to pre-water damage condition. 

BNI group of trusted business referral partners

SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties is proud to be a 10 year member of the Henry County BNI chapter. Being part of BNI helps us stay connected to our community and support other businesses while gaining referrals for our business. 

SERVPRO Cares About Our Community

We're working with the YMCA of Henry County to ensure that their facilities are keeping members and other guests healthy. SERVPRO loves to serve our community and are glad that we have the opportunity to serve the YMCA. 

Mold Tips

What to Do:

  • Stay out of affected areas.
  • Turn off the HVAC system and fans.
  • Contact SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties for mold remediation services.
    • 765-575-8654

What Not to Do:

  • Don’t touch or disturb the mold.
  • Don’t blow air across any surfaces with visible or suspected mold growth.
  • Don’t attempt to dry the area yourself.
  • Don’t spray bleach or other disinfectants on the mold.

Understanding Mold

Consider the following mold facts:

  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air, and they may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. 
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise the mold may return.
  • Let your nose lead the way. Mold often produces a strong, musty odor, and can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Even higher than normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.

Fire Damage Restoration

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions. When various materials burn, the soot and residue they create differs greatly and requires a specific cleaning procedure.

The steps listed below illustrate our process for the “typical” fire damage restoration.

  1. Emergency Contact
  2. Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment
  3. Immediate Board-Up and Roof Tarp Service (if needed)
  4. Water Removal and Drying (if water damage is present)
  5. Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces
  6. Cleaning and Repair
  7. Restoration

Kitchen Fire

After a smoke or fire damage, ceilings, walls, woodwork, carpeting and floors will often need a thorough cleaning. SERVPRO will pretest the areas to determine the extent of damage, and then use the specific equipment and cleaning products required to clean and protect the different types of surfaces found in your structure. Depending on the amount of soot, SERVPRO may even be able to reduce the cost of recovery by cleaning lighter soot deposits found on some surfaces, eliminating the expense incurred with repainting or refinishing. In other cases, SERVPRO will clean to “prepare for painting”. This process deodorizes and ensures the new paint will adhere properly to the surface.

Commercial Fire Damage

Fire damage is especially devastating for a business or commercial property. In addition to the fire and smoke damage, significant water damage from firefighting efforts and fire suppression systems may occur. Every hour spent restoring your business back to pre-fire condition is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. If your business experiences a fire loss, call the fire and water damage restoration experts and we’ll respond immediately to get you back to business.

Commercial Fire Damage? Call Us Today – (765) 575-8654

First step of water restoration

The restoration process begins when you call us. Our representative will guide you through the crisis and may ask several questions to help us better understand the equipment and resources.

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your insurance information (if applicable)
  • The street address of the water-damaged home or business
  • When did the flooding or water damage occur?
  • What caused the water damage (if known)?
  • Is there electricity available (on-site)?

Second Step of Water Restoration

When responding to a water damage emergency, we begin with a detailed inspection of your home or property, including a damage assessment. At this stage, our professionals are trying to determine the scope of the damage so that we can develop an appropriate plan of action.

Third Step of Water Restoration

After the inspection and damage assessment step, the water extraction process begins. This step removes the majority of the water. We use powerful pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units to quickly remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your property.

Fourth Step of Water Restoration

Once the excess water has been removed, the floors and walls may appear dry, but a quick inspection will reveal they are wet to the touch. 

Our Professionals will use room measurements, temperature, and relative humidity to determine the optimal number of air movers and dehumidifiers to dry your home or business. We’ll carefully monitor the progress using moisture meters until the materials return to acceptable drying goals.

Fifth Step of Water Restoration

In addition to cleaning your property’s structure, we will clean your furniture, upholstery, clothing, and other restorable belongings damaged by the water. Most flooding and water damage also require professional odor removal and deodorization since wet materials have a very distinct odor.

We are trained to identify and eliminate offensive odors. Our technical expertise and industrial grade air scrubbers and fogging equipment go well beyond simply masking odors and other shortcuts that don’t work when your odor problem is serious or persistent.

Sixth Step of Water Restoration

Restoration, the final step, is the process of restoring your home or business to its pre-water damage condition. Restoration may involve minor repairs, such as replacing drywall and installing new carpet, or may entail major repairs, such as the reconstruction of various areas or rooms in a home or business.

Helping our community

SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties is locally owned and operated, so we are part of this community too. When you have a cleaning or restoration need, we’re already nearby and ready to help. We take pride in being a part of the New Castle, IN community and want to do our part in making it the best it can be.

Emergency Ready Profile

Preparation is a key component for making it through any size disaster, whether it’s a small water leak, a large fire or an area flood. The best time for planning for such events is not when the event happens, but well before it happens. No one ever plans on a disaster, but you can plan for it. Now is the time to ask yourself, “Are you ready for whatever could happen?”

The SERVPRO® Emergency READY Profile is a start up approach that provides the critical information needed to begin mitigation and recovery services. It is designed to serve as a quick reference of important building and contact information. SERVPRO® is a leader in water and fire damage response and can help you quickly get your property back in working order.

Call Us Today To Get Started! 765-575-8654

Spreading Christmas Cheer

To show our appreciation we wanted to help spread some Sweet Christmas Cheer this year. Our marketing representative, Penny, spent the past few days hand delivering jars of goodies to our Insurance Companies and City Halls throughout New Castle, Middletown, Knightstown, Lewisville, Parker City, Farmland, Winchester, and Union City.

Black Mold

Stachybotrys chartarum is the type of mold often called black mold, and it does produce allergens and irritants. However, many types of mold can produce allergens and irritants. Treat any mold with caution – stay out of affected areas and don’t touch or disturb the mold. 

If You See Signs of Mold, Call Us Today – (765) 575-8654


We have the equipment to handle your commercial or residential loss! But if for some reason we should need additional equipment we can always call on our resources for additional support. 

Commercial Confined Spaces

Disasters can occur in tight spots too. SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties can squeeze into virtually any space to get the job done. Grease, sludge, sewage and mold are no match for our team. 

Churches to Hospitals

From your neighborhood church to the big city hospital there is not a commercial loss to large, SERVPRO has over 1700 franchises nationwide to assist in any sized disaster.

We are available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week to get your commercial property back to business! 

Commercial Water Damage

When water damage strikes your office, SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties is always ready to help. We understand the down time causes you lost revenue. Therefore, we will work as quickly as possible to get you back to preloss condition. Call SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties 765-575-8654

Flood Waters

SERVPRO is ready for any size disaster. The SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team can provide help whether you're dealing with a tornado, hurricane, blizzard or flood. With resources of more than 1,700 Franchises nationwide, no disaster is too big. Get the professionals, call SERVPRO 765-575-8654.

Pet Safety during storms

We love our animals here at SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties, they truly are a member of the family. That is why during a storm event we plan ahead for them as well. Just as you do with your family’s emergency supply kit, think first about the basics for survival, particularly food and water. Medicines and medical records, first aid kit, proof of ownership, extra collar with tags and a leash are just a few items to put in an emergency kit for your pets.

Heavy Rains

There's nothing like the feeling of looking outside to find a “new” river flowing down the street during a storm... I wonder if I can sale as a “occasional water front property” when the time to resale comes.

This is the view from my front door during heavy rains. Luckily I know just who I will call if this water ever finds its way into my home. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties is strategically located to respond quickly to your water or flood damage event.

Hero Ready

**On our trip home from work out of town we passed this roadside stand and just had to pose with our heroes.**

When Mother Nature creates Storm Damage who would you want to be your superhero?

Our general manager Ray would always choose Batman while our owner John prefers Spiderman!

SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties has the experience and expertise to handle your storm or flood damage.

Heroes with kits

At SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties our team of heroes always have their Meter Kits ready to assist in making your Water & Fire Damages "Like it never even happened."

Demo is tough work

This picture was taken while on a momentary break during demo of a water damaged structure. Not every day is a hard day but demo days are hard and leave us dirty. 

Mold Remediation

Every mold damage scenario is different and requires a unique solution, but the general mold remediation process stays the same. 

  1. Emergency Contact - (765) 575-8654
  2. Inspection and Mold Damage Assessment
  3. Mold Containment
  4. Air Filtration
  5. Removing Mold and Mold-Infested Materials
  6. Cleaning Contents and Belongings

Our Facility

SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties takes great pride in being a part of the Henry and Randolph Counties community. 

Your Local SERVPRO Located at 1819 N. 16th Street New Castle, Indiana. 



Ultrasonic Cleaning

This is our Fireline Ultrasonic System, located at our facility in New Castle. We can quickly clean many smoke and soot covered items after a fire with this system, helping to make it "Like it never even happened."