What our Customers say...


5 stars

SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph counties are great! I spoke with Ray about cleaning a rug, I needed the next day. He did not hesitate to take on the job. They had it, cleaned, dried, and ready to load the next morning. Very nice people, from the front office to John Mantor, the owner. I highly recommend this company!

5 stars!

We had construction completed on our basement and Jody and Justin came to clean and went above and beyond cleaning. They were very professional and thorough and easy to work with. We would recommend SERVPRO for any cleaning project you need done.

5 stars!

SERVPRO® is tops! Words can't begin to express how they helped in our time of need! Within hours of our call to help with a difficult clean up situation they were there, a quick quote and service scheduled immediately at our convenience! A great professional job by Autum! The cleanup was so well done with such efficiency and from such a pleasant and caring young lady! We highly recommend SERVPRO of Randolph and Henry Counties! You will be well cared for and blessed!

5 stars!

I can't say ENOUGH about this team!!! Everyone on this team has not only been helpful above and beyond, but compassionate and caring as well! From the first phone call, I knew I would be treated with kindness and respect. I can joke with the team (because that is how I handle things so I don't cry!) to letting them know that my cat is at the house and he THINKS he is the king....even when I couldn't find him for a couple of days, Joseph did, then called me to tell me so! I hate that you have to travel so far, but I am glad you are! Thank you!!!!!

5 stars!

Servo Pro, led by John Mantor, in the New Castle/Indianapolis, IN area is a top quality company. I've taken a tour of their facilities and know the owner and some of their workers personally, and they are of the highest character. They offer top notch restoration of most any kind at a very reasonable price (of course having good insurance helps as well....LOL). I highly recommend them and visit with the owner whenever I'm in that area. D.S. Fairmount/Marion, IN

Some of the most caring and helpful employees I've ever had work in my home. We SERVPRO!

Great employees that respect the clients and do it right. SERVPRO makes sure any sub contractors do their jobs right too and that you are satisfied with their work. Best company in the county.

We love the SERVPRO TEAM! They make wrong things right again.

My Parents home burnt to the ground, on a very cold Feb. Day, it was super windy, when the fire truck got there from Lynn, they couldn't put a drop of water on it, their hoses were frozen.

We lost almost everything, but God was good to us no one was hurt or killed. To God be the glory.

5 Stars!

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Holli and her team at SERVPRO were very prompt, efficient, and professional during my families time of need. We will definitely consider them for any future needs. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for all you have done.

Service: Carpet cleaning

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value


They had a turbo jet air dryer. (It seemed like) it really did the job of drying out our carpet in the bedroom. When they were done cleaning carpet it smelled like a brand new room.

Services: Water removal, Carpet cleaning, Water damage-related cleanup & repair

I recently came home to find that an old office building on my property had flooded. When I opened the door, water rushed out. Paper, water, and a few of my tears flowed into the yard. It was a mess.

At 4:30 pm that day, I called SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties. Ray immediately answered the call. Ray and his team came and helped with the water removal. They pumped several truckloads of water out of the rooms of the building. Before they left at 7 pm, they also set up dehumidifiers and more than a dozen blowers and fans. All of this equipment stayed until the room was completely dry.

Today, their team is still there. They are helping me with cleanout, tear down and rebuild. The process is not over, but I have no doubt that SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties will be with me through it all.

Thank you SERVPRO!

Hi John, I want to extend thanks to you and your crews for the excellent responses on our calls. It is never pleasant being called out during the holidays, but both Ray and Justin responded without delay. It was much appreciated.

2022/2023 has been the year of major home repairs. SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties has been there to answer my every phone call and get things cleaned up like they never even happened! John is awesome!

5- Stars!  Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

  Justin and his team responded quickly when other plumbers we tried did not respond at all! They were here when they said they'd be, were kind, and respected our request to mask-up due to my mom's health issues. Not only that, but they all did a fantastic job fixing everything perfectly! I hope we don't need to call them again, but if ANYTHING goes wrong here or at any of our family members' homes, we will definitely contact them again. SUPER job, guys!!

Well, I'm back to tell everyone that SERVPRO has saved our new carpet in the bathroom when the sink faucet was left running for about 2 hours. The stopper was closed and the sink overflowed and everything in the cabinet and the floor was soaked. My fault, I cried. What a mess! I knew we couldn't handle it and called SERVPRO.  John and Ray came in with great comforting words, it will be OK. We'll take care of it and did. They cleaned up the water and left fans and a dehumidifier for a couple of days to dry the floor and prevent mold. I will always say I love SERVPRO and every employee has been respectful, kind and really care about the customers. Our house was built around 1900, things happen.  This is the forth time in about 5 years we have needed their help for mold and water damage. (Only once for stupid accident ).    They take care of your home when things go wrong.

5 Stars!

Highest praises for Holli & crew! A great job done for Mrs. Hendrickson last week!

They came to clean carpets in Richmond which I needed desperately at a complex that I manage. They were here quite a while as I had several apartments that needed to be done. When they were done with the work, every tenant was so very happy with the fresh clean carpets. So happy, that they've renewed their lease. I'm very glad to be working with SERVPRO of New Castle again, even though I'm not in that exact area anymore. Such a great team to do business with! I recommend them with 20 stars!

They did a great job on our home and the best crew of employees I've ever had in our home.

My finished basement was severely water/mold damaged, and insurance denied the claim. SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph County gave me the best quote and most caring, professional treatment by far. I had quotes as high as $36,000 to demo and treat it, and some contractors turned me down due to the scale. Others seemed ready to take advantage by throwing numbers out and promising to start asap. SERVPRO came the day I called and stayed late on the Friday of a holiday weekend to answer questions and talk me off the ledge. They cared enough to caution me about staying safe, before getting the job. Tony was outstanding and compassionate, advising me down to the "6 mil" plastic to cover the stairway and promising to fill in the staple holes later. He answered a hundred questions and said I could call him on the weekend with more. It's obvious they care about people, and it isn't just a business. I cancelled at a late date because a neighbor was able to help me, and Tony/Ray were very gracious and offered continued help. SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph County will be my choice in the future with any damage to my home. I have complete confidence that they will do an excellent job while making a terrible situation less stressful.


SERVPRO staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and did great work!

5 Stars!

I give this company a 10-star rating!!! This company has went above and beyond to repair and restore my home back to it’s original state before the accident. They were on time, kept in contact, always willing to help, dependable, very professional and always willing to go that extra mile and then some! I cannot say enough great things about this company! Do not hesitate- give them a call- you will be amazed!! Thank you again Raymond, Tony and the SERVPRO Team!


From scheduling with Billy to Holli and Allison calling to see if they could come earlier than scheduled (always a plus in my book) once they showed up nothing but professional and friendly. When job was completed I was super impressed with the results. Holli called back the next day to insure I was pleased. All around easy to work with, a pleasure to business with and over the top impressed from beginning to end. I reached out to John the owner to let him know how pleased I was and once again impressed me with the fact he shared that with his whole team!!! It's important to show as an owner you care about your people and it truly shows that John does!!
Well done SERVPRO!!! Thanks again

SERVPRO is the best business I've ever had work in our 115 yr. old house. Something is always needing fixed or cured. In the process of getting ready for new bathroom flooring I found a mold problem. Derek cleaned up the mold and treated the room. Justin installed insulation underneath the room so it won't happen again. I couldn't ask for more or be any happier with their work. The employees are respectful, efficient, knowledgeable and kind. Good people work at SERVPRO. This is the third time we've needed help for mold and its been professionally fixed. As a Senior Citizen the cost was fair and affordable. Thank you SERVPRO!


Awesome Great Company. They treated us great.

5 Stars! Outstanding work. Highly professional. Kept me informed every step of the way. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

They sure worked hard on our house to make it RIGHT! Kind, considerate, respectful. Just great people to have around you. They did it right!

There is a great peace of mind that the Team Leader knows what to do, who to line up for jobs and understands the stress a homeowner is going through.

Great technicians! I will def have you all doing my work from here on in.

5 stars!

Best service around! Highly recommended, very friendly and amazing staff and owner that will get to you quickly!

Holli Poe did an Absolutely fantastic job. She exceeded all of my expectations! Because of Holli Poe I will definitely recommend her and SERVPRO to other people.

5 Stars!

Absolutely professional staff, from the wonderful person who answers the phone, to the estimators, skilled tradesmen doing the repairs and the management. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of their services.

5 Stars! Ray was very informative and very accessible. They even lowered my bill because the scan did not match the square footage. Not many companies would do that these days. Very professional. 100% would recommend this company. I also love the fact they are local.

Not only were SERVPROs prompt to get our needs handled, they were very personable and professional. They are excellent about communicating throughout the entire process!! Not only is their work excellent quality, they even clean up after. They understand how hard it is to be put out in your own home and make it as easy as possible (our kitchen has a mess of hot water damage and mold). They were even very welcoming to our 4 Great Danes who think everybody comes to visit them!! Scooby cried for 20 min after they left!! Thank you so very much!!

5 stars- The team at SERVPRO Henry and Randolph Counties are a pleasure to work for and with as a subcontractor. Everyone I come in contact with are always courteous, informative and dedicated to top notch customer service.

5 Stars! 

Everyone I dealt with at SERVPRO were professional and courteous throughout the entire process. I was dealing with this from another state to assist a family member and it all worked out to our satisfaction. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties, IN.

From start to finish, SERVPRO were excellent. Everyone was very professional, and we were very confident that the work would be done to a very high standard. I really want to say a big thank you to Tony, who came straight out on Saturday evening, (During the NCAA Final Four game) to check out our emergency and make sure everything was safe. We were fortunate that our mitigation did not need to be done that evening, even so SERVPRO were here a day or so later to start work. I would highly recommend this SERVPRO team. Superior work and excellent customer service, plus I was very pleasantly surprised when the bill came. Thank you!

This is just a shout out because there hasn't been one time in all of my years that I've ever had an issue.  Your crews are always polite, come in with a smile and do a great job.  It has been a pleasure working with all of you.  You have my gratitude for making my job easier!

5 Stars! Very professional, reliable company that puts out work just like they operate--clean and Professional.

I have highly recommended you several times. It’s not just SERVPRO it’s John Mantor that I trust.

5 stars!

I called SERVPRO after they did an estimate for clients of mine on mold remediation, The ladies I spoke to in the office were very helpful and the whole team is willing to work with your situation. They gave us a date and time and stuck to that. They will definitely be a service I recommend in the future to clients when asked. Thanks for all the help.

Thank you John.

Once again your folks did a great job. I'm really pleased with the work and feel comfortable having your people in my home. 

Five Star Review

I have used SERVPRO in my home and also where I work.  They are reliable, trustworthy, honest and do excellent work.  I trust them no matter the problem.  Give John and Ray a call.  As a bonus, they are huge Indiana University sports fans. 

We appreciate your quick response to our needs and feel that you do a very thorough and professional job. We are fortunate to have you in our community. 

The guys were on time and very knowledgeable! They worked quickly as well!

An absolute perfect job. Justin was polite, well groomed, friendly and efficient. The workers told me what time to expect them and they arrived on time. Then when carpet dried-they cleaned the area exposed to water and the steps to the lower area. I couldn't give a better review. I am so thankful they came 1 hour after I called...and on a Saturday. Thank you so much. 

Thank you for your great service from top to bottom! You all did an outstanding job. I will not hesitate to highly recommend you to anyone I know. 

Very happy with SERVPRO making our house safe from a mold problem. 

Thanks for a job well done as usual. 

They helped us in the restoration of an extremely water damaged, old general store. They were punctual, reliable, professional and thorough. We would definitely use them again if the future if needed. 

I cannot express how impressed I was for the quality of work demonstrated by your team. One 'remediation artist' in particular really stood out to me last week. Justin was knowledgeable, dedicated, and professional and made me feel at ease. Justin did an excellent job and I will hope that when we go into the next level of remediation at the house, he would be able to return to help us. He is the type of person every business would hope to employ. Please thank him for me. I also appreciate Ray coming to inspect and making sure everything was complete. Lastly, we have an odd sort of 'rock collection' and somehow your staff was able to locate the stray stone we were searching for. We thought it was just gone during clean-up, (not a big deal, but asked them to look anyway). I cannot say enough how much your company is appreciated by our family. Many Thanks. 

5 stars!

SERVPRO sent Ryan and Tony to remediate our crawl space and install a water barrier. They were very polite and professional. I would highly recommend this company. Thanks guys!

5 Stars! Very professional, great job. We will use them again if necessary.

5 stars!

Great Service. Love their high integrity and above approach. Very friendly and know that they care about their customers. 

5 Stars!

SERVPRO team was awesome! I had them clean the carpet in 3 high traffic rooms and a couch. They got all the stains out of the carpet! They were so respectful, would highly recommend.

5 stars! Great Service!

I always have SERVPRO do my carpet cleaning and they’re great! They arrive ON-TIME and are quick but very thorough. They pre-treat any stains and I’ve never had anything they couldn’t get out. The guys are all professional and courteous! Wouldn’t use anyone else!

5 stars!

I felt this company did a very thorough and professional job at our facility. I would undoubtedly use these people again if in need. I thank them for their honest and professional analysis.

The ladies did a fine job! Thank you! 

"I've got to say, in this line I deal with a lot of people and companies. No one has a better crew of people than you. Every person I've dealt with has always been top notch in my mind!" 

"Your crew (Holli and another young lady) were awesome, as was Ray."

"Very nice, informative and overall good experience."

"SERVPRO of Henry County has cleaned our carpets for years. We had an older dog who had bladder issues. SERVPRO cleaned the carpets so well we had no stains. They are very careful when moving our furniture around. They even put items under the furniture so the carpet dries and so the furniture doesn't get wet from the damp clean carpets. I cannot say enough about SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties! They treated our home as if it was theirs...with kid gloves! Thank you!!!!"

"I couldn't be happier with the services they offer. They had to come on-call for emergency water leak on Saturday, it was a very quick response. The initial tech was AMAZING, he explained everything he was doing to make sure we understood. Also had technician Holli to follow-up with the situation and pick up equipment when done, she also followed up a few weeks after for cleaning carpets. They were very prompt, performed great job. They were also very friendly. I feel they went above and beyond providing service but I'm sure they are like this every day. I would highly recommend them for any of their services. Thanks for helping make the best of a bad situation even better."

This SERVPRO team is amazing from A-Z. The initial call I made, I talked to Ray. He came right out to look at the situation. He was polite, very organized and helpful. Tony came out right away to take care of the cleanup. He was professional, organized and kept me informed of the progress of the clean up. The end of the cleanup Tony and Holli went over every detail. This SERVPRO team was very detailed, respectful of one’s property, and helpful. I will call them again if anything else arises.

Thank you so much for coming in and cleaning our office carpet. They REALLY needed it and you did a great job!! We appreciate your kindness, and are thankful for how nice they look. Blessings, T.B.

Thank you very much for the continued professional, courteous, excellent customer service! 

Quality, Timeliness, Customer Service

Outstanding company! They were amazing and on time. Couldn’t of asked for a better service!


I recently had my carpet cleaned by SERVPRO and I am very pleased with the results. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely be referring this company to all of my family and friends!


I contacted SERVPRO for carpet cleaning. Very professional and courteous on-site support. On-time for the appointment and area was remeasured to ensure proper charge. I very much appreciate their explanation of service and price value for cleaning. I will use this service again!


I took over management of a commercial building that was to be sold. Going through sales process, it was discovered that the buidling had a severe mold problem. SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph county was contacted to give us a quote and ultimately perform the mold remediation. Throughout the whole process, John and his crew did phenomenal work. John was so easy to work with and communicate with throughout the whole process. SERVPRO has been so accommodating to different situations that arose during the work. I would highly recommend John and his team to anyone.


I've had the SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties team work for me at both my home and my office. At home we had a plumbing leak that left a mess which they made completely disappear. At work they cleaned the carpets and removed all traces of the foot traffic through our office. The team is professional, on time and they do what they say they will do.


Super great team of individuals. SERVPRO showed up within a couple of hours from the time I called them. There was a bit of communication concern during the holidays which was expected. I called Ray after the holidays and they were here on time to finish everything I needed and expected. Very professional and considerate of the situation that I was going through. I can't thank them enough for everything that each person did to make my house feel like home again!! Thanks again Ray, You have one amazing team working with you!!

5 Stars-

SERVPRO did an excellent job with cleaning my carpets. They were professional and courteous! Great job and great customer service as always!


Excellent service! Great work and great price. Everyone is professional, I will go nowhere else!

SERVPRO called to set up a time to come clean our carpet - they originally requested a time AFTER Thanksgiving BUT we needed it done BEFORE and they immediately obliged and set the time of service at 11:00 am -- THEY ARRIVED AT 11:00 AM!! -- you could have set your watch by them (very impressive) they moved all the furniture to clean and even rearranged it as the wife wanted ! VERY PLEASED -- THE NEXT TIME WE NEED CLEANING SERVICE YOU CAN BET WE WILL CALL SERVPRO !!


From start to finish the employees of SERVPRO made our mess into a blessing. All the employees were prompt, courteous, and professional and went out of their way to be helpful and assuring. Thanks to Ray, Holly, and their team for making this experience the best under the circumstances.

I have enjoyed doing business with this SERVPRO several times. Always satisfied.


SERVPRO did a great job for us. Many thanks to all the workers...!!


Great work! Very responsive and great to work with.


SERVPRO helped me in what was a difficult time. My mom was in the hospital, and her home needed a specialized cleaning. They were quick and efficient. I couldn't face doing the work myself, and honestly, it probably wasn't safe for me to do it either. I trusted the team and was not disappointed.

They were very professional and explained everything to me very well and tried to do whatever they could to help me.


I work hand in hand with SERVPRO. I also have had to use them. On both spectrums You couldn't ask for a better group of people. Their goal is to please you and they go out of their way to do so. I would recommend them to anyone on earth.


I contacted SERVPRO for carpet cleaning. Very professional and courteous on-site support. On-time for the appointment and area was remeasured to ensure proper charge. I very much appreciate their explanation of service and price value for cleaning. I will use this service again! Tony & Adaira were courteous & professional. Very happy with service.


I contacted SERVPRO for carpet cleaning. Very professional and courteous on-site support. On-time for the appointment and area was remeasured to ensure proper charge. I very much appreciate their explanation of service and price value for cleaning. I will use this service again!

I'm a property manager and have worked with the team at SERVPRO, New Castle for over 3 years. I've never had an issue with their work, their service, or scheduling. They are consistently an awesome group of people to work with. Their work is excellent. Once or twice I've mis-scheduled, they don't even get mad when I need to change an appointment! They are friendly each and every time I call! 5-star review!

I took over management of a commercial building that was to be sold. Going through sales process, it was discovered that the building had a severe mold problem. SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties was contacted to give us a quote and ultimately perform the mold remediation. Throughout the whole process, John and his crew did phenomenal work. John was so easy to work with and communicate with throughout the whole process. SERVPRO has been so accommodating to different situations that arose during the work. I would highly recommend John and his team to anyone. 5-stars!

5-stars! I've had the SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties team work for me at both my home and my office. At home we had a plumbing leak that left a mess which they made completely disappear. At work they cleaned the carpets and removed all traces of the foot traffic through our office. The team is professional, on time and they do what they say they will do. 

5-stars! You can't beat the service & professionalism offered by the Henry County SERVPRO team. They go above & beyond when providing carpet cleaning & extraction services. Response time is excellent, pricing is great and followup is exceptional. I've relied on them for years & I've always been pleased. 

Excellent crew and company. John communicates every step of the way and guides you through the process. Super fast. Showed up and were ready to complete the task before the insurance adjuster! Thank you SERVPRO. 5-Stars!

5 Stars! Professional and thorough

John M. is one of the greatest business people I know. He TRULY cares about his job and the people that work with him!

"This is by far the best team to do the job. Thanks for all the help when needed."

"They are a great team & have been there for us when we needed help. I can highly recommend them!"

"They did an amazing job in our crawl space & cleaning up the mold issues we had. Call them. You won't regret it."

"I was impressed with the completeness of your service. You did not stop until the problem was completely taken care of."

"We've already started recommending you and your company!!"

"John Mantor and SERVPRO are great at keeping our carpets clean."

“There is no other place better to use to have your carpets cleaned!”

“I have seen first hand the work done by SERVPRO. They do amazing work and have very professional employees. I would highly recommend John Mantor and his team.” 

John Mantor and his Henry Co. SERVPRO Team are the highest service and quality. Have used John for mold, crawl space water and closing holes in foundation and even carpet cleaning. Always A+!!

All I could say is: Thank you!!! I had a situation where a home inspector said there was "mold like substance" in the crawl space. The potential buyers were naturally concerned and now I had to deal with it. SERVPRO's Raymond Dickey came out, took a look, and gave excellent advice and council. It was clear that they were not trying to take advantage of the situation, which many companies where going to... I really couldn't be more impressed with the honest assessment and professionalism! Thank you Raymond Dickey, and Thank you SERVPRO!

SERVPRO's service is truly unmatched. We needed their help to clean up one of our rentals, but we were having an issue getting the power turned back on. SERVPRO came out with their own generators to start the job! I couldn't be happier with the service we have received!

SERVPRO came to Action Staffing this past summer to help us create an ERP (emergency readiness program) all of the employees were very informative and a pleasure to work with. Now, we have a nice organized binder (for free!) With all of our emergency contacts in case we ever should need them in the future. SERVPRO keeps a copy as well so all I have to do if our office floods is call them, then they handle the rest!! How cool! By far the best and most professional in New Castle.

The SERVPRO crew went above and beyond their duty in delivering a flawless restoration of furniture from heavy smoke damage. An heirloom piece was saved and I can't thank them enough! 

Great company and great guys!

I've had these guys work in my home and in my office. They're the best. 

John and his staff are thee vs me. They always provide excellent timely service with a smile! Excellent work ethic and customer satisfaction is a top priority.

We got our carpets cleaned and they look awesome, highly recommend!!

Not sure what else they could provide, very thorough. Seemed to be very professional and courteous. Highly recommend. 

Prompt, on time. They did a good job. 

Great company and Ray’s a great guy! All of the SERVPRO employees are!

Ray helped us with our church parsonage carpets. He was very professional and did exactly what he said he would do. Your company is blessed to have him represent your company. Thank you, Ray!

We reached out to SERVPRO when we moved into our new office. They did a comprehensive Emergency Readiness Profile for us and helped us locate all of the key parts of our new space. We now know what to do if an emergency happens. They delivered this information to us in a bright green folder so that it's super easy to find. We really appreciate this free service they provided for our business. 

I was very satisfied with the service and results that we received from SERVPRO. Mr. Bell was very thorough and meticulous about the process. He and his assistant were very professional. Highly recommended. 

We were very happy with your service and recommend you to everyone. 

Excellent workers Justin Brown, Tony Bell, Holli Poe. Professional, courteous, and answers all questions that you many have. We had quite the water damage issue. Following a storm and when they left it was just like what they say, "Like it never even happened." Well done and everyone should use SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties. 10 stars.

Thanks again! Your guys were great, appreciate them not letting us have to do this twice. Room looks fantastic and I didn’t have to touch it. The carpet looked brand new when they left, we’ll probably just shampoo it and keep it. They minimized the dust going into the rest of the house... Definitely better than I could have done. All of you are on my A list and I’ll continue to send my business your way. We’ve had a mess from Dec. 28th 2018 if I had to do it over again I’d have you a call on day one.

Very professional and helpful. I will recommend to others. 

I took mom by the house today to see the progress. I just wanted you to know that your workers were so kind and so gracious to mom and I. They were working diligently but took just a moment to tell us the progress they had made. I wanted you to know how much mom and I appreciate their attention to detail and especially their compassion in a difficult situation. I spoke to the guy we have mowing mom’s yard today  as well and he made the comment to me that he had noticed how tidy the clean up crew has been. We had told him a few weeks back to be careful with his mowing equipment since there might be a lot of debris.   He told me that there hasn’t been anything  that he has needed to pick up or move around the dumpster or anything in the yard for that matter. I wanted to pass on that compliment.  Thought you would appreciate knowing  that we are very thankful for the excellent work you and your crew are doing.

Everyone one we've worked with at SERVPRO has been 100% amazing. My parent's house took on about 120,000 gallons of water (not exaggerating) and my father has a lot of collectibles. They were able to save pretty much everything. They've basically guided us through and managed everything through this process. Don't call anyone else before you talk with them first. It will save you a bunch of headaches and frustration in the long run!

Thank you for being so professional and doing a great job. I was very impressed with how quickly Ray responded and took care of my basement. I highly recommend your company/team!!!

We would like to thank Ray Dicky and his crew at SERVPRO. Very professional group of young men. We had a fire and lost a lot of things. Lucky enough half of the things we could try to salvage. We wash things down in Dawn dish soap vinegar and everything else we could think of but still had an odor. As you know if you are out of work and money does not flow in for your weekly paychecks, times can get tight. They were very fast and friendly. Absolutely amazing on Ray's knowledge, and the employees' fast and courteous work and efficiency. He also came in on his day off to put things in the ozone room to deodorize them so that we would not lose any days at work. Bless you and thanks for you all going out of your way to make this all happen.

SERVPRO got me scheduled extremely fast and did an awesome job. The staff was very professional and polite. Highly recommend!

I have used SERVPRO on many jobs and they are always professional! Highly recommended!

As a contractor (Tabor Roofing & Construction), I run across situations where I am remodeling a bathroom/kitchen or replacing a bad roof and find mold that sometimes is not visible before the demolition is done. I can always count on SERVPRO to come to the job quickly to safely remove the mold. I get peace of mind knowing that the mold is eradicated properly before I begin building back the bathroom/kitchen or roof. They truly make it, "Like it never even happened."

Thank you once again for your service, kindness and help. You guys were all great!! 

These people are a real class act- professional, courteous, friendly and they really care! When we lost our house to fire, they treated us as if we were a family member. They went over and above the call of duty. I can't say enough good things about the whole crew. If you need these kind of services, then look nowhere else. These are the people you need! Thanks again for all you have done for us. You were a true blessing in a terrible moment in our life. YOU GUYS ROCK!!

SERVPRO is a great company to work with. John Mantor is professional, as well as being a good guy in general. It's nice to have the strength of a nation-wide company combined with a dedicated local owner. I would highly recommend John and SERVPRO if you are unfortunate enough to encounter fire, water or mold damage. They will do a great job! 

Great Service!

Very pleased with the work performed. The guys did a great job and were professional. We would call them again! 

This franchise is wonderful....the staff is courteous and professional, and explains everything they do....in office, on the phone and on site.

I am very satisfied with the cleaning of our carpets today. SERVPRO's people are also very professional. 

I was very pleased with the promptness of coming to take care of my situation. The workers were helpful and careful for my home, I was well pleased with all of their kindness and I will highly recommend them to others. 

Great Job! Clean and polite, grateful for their work. 

Tony, understood not only the restoration work necessary to mitigate the water damage, but the personal side of the situation. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

SERVPRO cleaned up two major water leaks in our 94 unit facility in a very timely and professional way. We couldn't be happier. 

SERVPRO was by far the best thing that had happened to me lately in the area of home clean up. I felt overwhelmed by the aspects of cleaning before the holidays, when I was not able to do it myself. They were by far the best company for the job that I had ever found. They were all very professional. 

The SERVPRO people and manager did an excellent job, I would refer SERVPRO to other people and or companies. 

I needed to prepare my home for possible sale by downsizing on many accumulated items, and thoroughly cleaning the house. SERVPRO did an outstanding job on several cleaning needs. The power washing on the north side of my home was very good. Drapes were taken to be cleaned, and a fireplace and bathroom were carefully sanitized. All my carpets were cleaned and sanitized by Ray and his crew. Careful effort was taken to ensure that no furniture, walls or doorways were damaged. 

When two realtors came to see my house for possible sale, they both commented to each other on the super job on my house. They wanted to know who did the fine work for me and suggested to each other that they, too, would use SERVPRO in the future. 

SERVPRO has done outstanding work for me, and my family (including my parents) over the years. Thank you for being completely professional in every aspect of your service! The local owner, John Mantor, has become a great friend and referral partner in the last few years, stemming from the initial client relationship. SERVPRO will continue to receive my business and referrals. 

I had major mold in my home in a couple different rooms. Ray had the mold cleaned up in less than an hour. Ray really did make it 'like it never even happened'. 

Truly your services are so needed & your representatives are very professional & work very diligently to get the job done. Thank you so much! 

The employees were quick and thorough. They worked hard to help protect our home. We were very impressed and would recommend them to anyone! 

We recently had the SERVPRO team come to our store to have the carpets cleaned. The men that came were very professional and they got the store cleaned in a reasonable amount of time. I was able to close the store and leave them there to clean, and come back later. They proved to be very trustworthy workers. The next morning the carpet looked and smelled great! Overall, the service we got from SERVPRO was satisfactory and professional. I would highly recommend this business to others and will continue to do business with them in the future! 

SERVPRO has cleaned several homes for us. They are prompt to come to the homes and clean carpets. We took an area rug to SERVPRO to clean and it looked new. SERVPRO will enter the home with booties over their shoes. We will always use SERVPRO and we tell others about their good work. They are kind and polite. John Mantor is a very nice man, we give the company 5 stars. 

I used SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties for a mold remediation project at my home. They are amazing to work with. I felt totally comfortable with the whole process and had no issues with them working when I wasn't home. I recommend SERVPRO to all my friends and family. Thank you, John and your entire team for helping me during a stressful time. They are the best. 

We, at Hinsey-Brown Funeral Service, have had the privilege of using John Mantor & SERVPRO in the capacity of carpet cleaning. Our two facilities total approximately 20,000 square feet of carpet, which experience considerable foot traffic. The quality of work, attention to detail, and competitive pricing have been exemplary. 

Fortunately we have not had to address a water/fire/mold problem, but given the aforementioned qualities, would not hesitate to call and/or recommend John & his company!

I am a home inspector in East Central Indiana. In our business we frequently find damage to homes from water intrusion, leaks and poor workmanship. The result from the water is sometimes mold growth. We have seen the work of SERVPRO for several years and are always impressed by the work they complete. 

John and the employees of SERVPRO are very knowledgeable, well dressed and very professional. I would highly recommend SERVPRO for any clean ups. 

I am Kevin, the owner of Clean N Simple Commercial Cleaning. SERVPRO and Clean N Simple do similar but different aspects of cleaning. I refer a lot of business their way in areas of specialized cleaning we do not do. I always feel confident that the staff at SERVPRO would treat those referrals the same as I treat my customers. They always do a great job, courteous, professional and kind. Not only do they do a great job with their customers, but they are active in the community and are always willing to lend a hand to a business that needs some help. Thank you SERVPRO for all you do.  

Serious Crawlspace issues...John's SERVPRO team came in and made it look like nothing even happened. He worked with our insurance company-made it so easy. If I have questions about anything I can call him. If he can't help you, he'll refer someone dependable that can. 

I have hired the local SERVPRO team to clean my carpets for several years. They are professional from the word go! You set the appointment, they arrive ON-TIME, they check to make sure you are happy with their work, and then they are on their way. The cost is very reasonable and makes the idea of doing the work yourself seem like a really dumb idea! 

I know that the primary business of SERVPRO is fire and water damage clean-up. I do take comfort in knowing that if I ever do face such a disaster - there's a team led by John Mantor ready and available to help me. They really do make things 'like it never even happened'!

Extremely happy with SERVPRO the boys, Adam and Justin, have done a wonderful job. We have pets and they made the carpet look brand new. They have done both our houses and we would have them back again and the SERVPRO price is reasonable.


“I called SERVPRO on the recommendation of a friend for carpet cleaning when I bought my new house. They were able to get the small stains from previous homeowners out of the carpet and I had peace of mind knowing, while moving my stuff in, that the area was clean. The professionalism and price was amazing. Thank you for the great work!”


"I have used SERVPRO for many different jobs over the past few years. Including having them clean carpets, repair water and mold damage, post construction cleanup, cleaning and disinfecting rental units and even removal of a raccoon nest! John Mantor and his crew are always professional, polite and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them for all your restoration needs!"

“We have called SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties on multiple occasions. Each time, regardless of the need, SERVPRO is quick to our facility and the crew is friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. We know each time we call, we will receive the same care and quality as the first time we met.”


“At Glen Oaks Health Campus, we had a pipe burst in our dining room on a Saturday causing problems for our residents and employees. SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties was called and had arrived to our facility within 45 minutes. There was significant water damage and the entire tile ceiling had caved in. SERVPRO extracted all of the water and set up their drying equipment – and the place was completely dry within 3 days. SERVPRO was extremely efficient, professional, and did everything they could to stay out of the way of our employees and mostly, our residents. We have used SERVPRO at our facility many times and they exceed our expectations every time. SERVPRO really does make it 'like it never even happened'. Thank you, SERVPRO!”